Job Progress Info
All pipe to be finished Completed
Concrete bollards to be made and put where old yellow corners where .
Then painted (white and red)
95%, painting started, red to finish
30mm deck board to be replaced on flat wooden corner Completed
All wooden corners and sides of jumps to be done in clear oil Completed
Wash sink to be made for car cleaning Not-Started
Water tap at end of ramp to be removed Completed
New ramp to be painted as does back of container to tidy it up green oxide Completed
All wooden fences to be painted in dark oak Completed
Gate at left side of track to be refitted and speaker connected up Completed
Club pits to be painted dark oak inside and out Not-Started
Skip ordered and all shite removed Completed
Steps to container to be painted and first floor board though doorway replaced Completed
Speaker PA system to be checked and repaired along with new speakers
and amp setup for rostrum only
Planks on 1/10 rostrum replaced and repaint rostrum Not-Started Planks to be sourced
Loop to be tested Not-Started
Race control cleaned Completed
Molasses tank pumped out and cleaned . New mixture to go in Completed
Water pump fitted along with quick release for hose Completed
Grass cut Completed
Weed killer put out Completed
All new Astro to be pegged before fibre stuck Completed
Fibre glass astro Completed