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World Racing News

No changes for the XRAY XT8 in 2018
XRAY have announced that the XT8 kit will remain unchanged for the 2018 race season. The team had great success in 2017 claiming many wins around the globe including the ROAR National title. XRAY will continue to test and develop the XT8 platform, and they have some new performance parts that will be released soon […]

Daniel Kobbevik signs with Elefun
See: Elefun XRAY driver Daniel Kobbevik signed with Elefun. Elefun is maybe the biggest shop/distributor in Scandinavia, a very strong company present in all areas of RC and hobby. Specialisted in drones and planes, they are now also stronger and stronger in racing products for cars as well. Daniel had the following to say about the […]

PR SB401 high-performance body
See: PR Racing PR Racing have introduced the new high-performance body for the SB401. This high-performance, aerodynamic low profile body is designed to reduce the roll of the car while improving rotation in corners on very-high-traction tracks. Made with lightweight, high-quality premium polycarbonate material, the body features a streamlined shape for optimised air flow and smooth […]

Marco Baruffolo doubles at Rapallo Trophy
See: XRAY The Rapallo Trophy race was held at the Rc off Road Rapallo track, Italy, last weekend. On the new track layout, Radiosistemi’s Leonardo Valente was able to take the overall TQ in nitro buggy while in E-buggy it was XRAY’s Marco Baruffolo who grabbed the overall TQ. In nitro buggy final, Baruffolo managed […]

HARD Racing Cheng-Ho 1/8 Trolley
See: HRC Distribution HRC Distribution have introduced the HARD Racing Cheng-Ho 1/8 trolley. This bag has been especially designed for RC racers, who need to carry all their RC material to the RC track pits. The bag features 5 strong and durable drawers, a large compartment for RC tools on the top, a large pocket […]

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Contributed by lotus791 on Oct 29, 2010 - 04:40 PM

Sunday 10th October 2010. Today the weather was clear
crisp and dry, the days leading up to race day had been dry and the track was in
great shape after a little trim the weekend before, thanks to the few who helped
get it ready. CLICK READ MORE

Sunday 10th October 2010. Today the weather was clear
crisp and dry, the days leading up to race day had been dry and the track was in
great shape after a little trim the weekend before, thanks to the few who helped
get it ready. The day got started early with the 11 teams arriving for booking
in at 0930. There was even some team strategy being muted about the pit area,
seriously it is only RC Racing.  Once the formalities of the booking in and the
checking of the frequencies and weird team names had been completed, the teams
gathered for the briefing and to be told of the time penalty applied to each
team. The least experienced team started with no penalties and the rest would
follow at 5 minute intervals. The most experienced teams having to wait 30
minutes before they were allowed to hit the dirt and catch the rest. Also the
inclusion of the dash for cash (vouchers) race after the endurance had finished.
All the racers today would be entered in the dash for cash and split accordingly
into 3 races of a max of 15 racers. The least experienced would have a start
position of 1,2,3 and the most experienced would start from 13,14,15 on the
start line. A 5 minute race, with the top 5 bumping up into the final. Bumping
and rubbing was allowed but any dangerous racing would get a disqualification.
Everyone was feeling upbeat and raring to go. One final warning was issued, the
teams marshalling post must be manned at all times, otherwise the team would be
disqualified from the results. Other teams were encouraged to tout on teams that
failed to marshal there post. Not nice, but saves it the organisers to from
keeping an eye on everyone. It worked, more later.....The start of 5 hours 30
minutes of racing was about to get started, the “Schuiemacker’s” taking to the
track first by themselves, they did decide to put out the team’s best racer to
quickly get as many laps on the computer. It must feel awkward racing and
everyone watching you make mistakes as you try to get round the track. 10
minutes passed before the next bunch of teams took to the track and try to catch
up on the leaders. “Galway Team2” and “Navan Nutz 2”  and “NIMCC 2” started,
battling with each other whilst trying to catch the “Schuie’s”. Five minutes
later seen the next few teams start, they were the “Galway Hookers” and the
“Navan Nutz”. The track was starting to get busy out there and to make progress
the racer needed to find a path through the slower racers and not to make too
many mistakes. The truggy racers made their width matter when holding back
others and some had been watching too much monster truck action and simply tried
to drive over the top of the other competitors. “The Wetter The Better” had
their own fast and weak link, Neil “Fat Belly Racing” was always flat out with a
truggy, but had to resort to using his old trusted Savage Monster truck, as he
had sold all his truggys and buggys. Fair play to him as he did his best to
entertain the crowd by drifting the Savage at every opportunity. “The Rejects”
and “Modeltune” started at the same time 20 minutes after the start, both teams
were going to be fighting for position for the majority of the race. Everyone
was busy trying to catch the leaders. The changeover of racers needed a
dedicated pit crew to transfer the PT from one buggy to another buggy. A top pit
crew could complete the change over in around 60 seconds, which meant roughly
dropping a lap in the process. This would have an effect on the pit strategies
teams were considering. The Pipe End Racers” did their first pit stop after
20-30 minutes, or two pit stops. They were going on previous endurance races
experience, as they expected this to be the best compromise for a racer
concentration and speed. They soon changed their minds after “The Inbetweeners”
stayed out for one racer change less and moved ahead of them by gaining a lap
when “The Pipe End Racers” where on their third racer whilst they still had
their second racer still on track. Break downs during the race causes time and
laps lost that would be harder to haul back. Swift changes and fast reactions to
breakdowns would be the order of the day and a good alert marshall. No one was
immune to breakages, some more than others. After only one hour of racing the
lead had changed numerous times, with nearly every team leading at some stage of
the race. It would be a couple of hours or so before we would see the lap’s
level out and the top teams rise to the top. Team Nitro Nutz had a shock when
they came in for a change over after the 2 hour mark, to find their personal
transponder was missing from the buggy. After a plea over the pa system the
transponder was found, fitted to the next buggy and sent on its way. They lost
some 20 minutes. The racing was tight at the top with two teams only a few laps
apart at any time over the duration of the race. It was hard to separate them,
until fate dealt a few failures to both teams and created a small gap of 4 laps.
The Pipe End Racers had to failures with Mark having a drive shaft failure,
Chris was fast and on full throttle and managed to melt his rear diff causing
another repair. At one stage a team had connected their transponder incorrectly
and only noticed that the fact after the team had been circulating and not been
counted on the computer.The Thundertigers and Modeltune were having a good run
around the 2 hour mark with only a few laps between them. The gap would grow
with Modeltune falling back after having one failure after another, the team
even resorted to using one buggy per two racers as parts were unavailable at the
track. The Inbetweeners had a scare in the last 45 minutes of the race as they
seemed comfortable and then fate stepped in and a broken steering link on
Richards 2nd run of the day forced an untimely change over, it was
all about the Aaron show for them and the rest of the team are chipping in for a
new losi for him .Final Result.....

1. Inbetweeners
2.Pipe end racers 3.Thundertigers plus 1

The dash for cash (vouchers) was to be run as soon as the
endurance race finished, so any failures needed fixed before they started the
qualifying semi finals. 44 racers had started the endurance race and only 28
racers put their names forward for the dash for cash semi finals.With a rubbin
is racing attitude the top 7 from each side all bumped to the final .With the
truggys having the “im larger” advantage Arron Vance made his way to the front
through a hetic firsts corner with Barkley Abernthy and Bradley Baird getting
caught in the pack on the first lap but making their way through to finish 2nd
and 3rd .

Final results

1.Arron Vance
2.Barkley Abernethy 3 Bradley Baird