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World Racing News

Exotek introduce EB410 option parts
See: Exotek Racing Exotek have added new option parts to their range for the Tekno RC EB410. First up is the steering rack, machined from heavy duty 7075 alloy it comes anodised with the Exotek’s special glossy navy blue. His reinforced design minimizes any extra cut outs to increase strength, yet only weighs 6gr. Next up […]

XRS UK Rd4 report
See: XRAY Round four of the XRAY Racing Series UK was held this past weekend. In the 2WD Modified class it was XRAY’s Jamie Beasley who set te TQ and romped home with the Modified Class win in front of the XRAY duo of Dom Nunn in second and Tony Bishop in third. 4WD Mod […]

XRAY XB2 graphite composite C-hubs
See: XRAY XRAY have introduced new graphite composite C-hubs for the XB2. The specially-formulated graphite composite material is a perfect balance between reliability and performance, also making the handling more predictable. Suitable for most track conditions, especially for high & very high traction tracks. The C-hubs are available individually for the left and right hand […]

FX K302 3.5cc nitro engine
See: FX Royal Racing Engines FX have introduced the new K302 3.5cc nitro engine. New K302 engine is an all-new 3-port engine which replaces the #650101 K301 engine. The K302 is based on the K3 engine but incorporates numerous improvements and refinements. With focus on lower fuel consumption and more linear power curve, the crankshaft and […]

ProStar introduces crystal green carbon fiber material
See: ProStar R/C ProStar RC Products have introduced their new crystal green carbon fiber material. This hybrid kevlar composite was developed not only for the look but to be structurally stronger and more durable than any other material on the market using ProStar’s special carbon/kevlar composite. The new green material features a new color line in […]

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Paddy Piston Race Results 2010

Contributed by lotus791 on Aug 05, 2010 - 05:11 PM

Pos Name Result Avrg Lap Best Lap Car Make Model
1 richard cree 70/3607.959 51.542 48.818 (26) Losi 8ight
2 Richard Barton 70/3647.476 52.106 48.900 (2) Losi 8ight
3 michael todd 69/3609.321 52.309 49.430 (9) Team Losi 8ight
4 richard taylor 68/3639.257 53.518 47.913 (40) Losi 8ight
5 Mark Harron 68/3648.305 53.651 50.112 (13) Hot Bodies D8
6 Keith Newton 65/3604.244 55.449 50.651 (28) Losi 8ight
7 Barkley Abernethy 65/3634.571 55.916 50.496 (63) X Ray 808
8 Alan Scroggie 64/3580.911 55.951 51.270 (4) X Ray 808
9 Gary Baird 64/3621.534 56.586 50.473 (4) Kyosho MP9
10 Oli o Connor 63/3630.387 57.625 51.570 (53) Losi 2.0EU
11 Christopher McCauley 63/3653.409 57.99 50.108 (22) X Ray 808
12 andrew white 62/3625.662 58.478 51.812 (45) Hobao hyper 9
13 Lloyd Pitt 61/3630.278 59.512 51.635 (4) Hobao hyper 9
14 Bradley Baird 9/ 546.787 60.754 51.372 (7) Associated RC8

The Silverware WOW

The full event results : HERE